frightful outside

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I am going to admit right now that I am a total wiener when it comes cold weather.  I just curl up into a wimpy little ball when it comes to snow.  Choosing to homeschool was based on a number of factors, but, between you and I, staying home when the weather is less than awesome is a huge influence.

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That said, I truly believe that children should spend time outdoors everyday, regardless of the weather.  I won't drive them around, but they have tons of yard here with every changing levels of snow to haul around and roll in.  Or whatever they do.  Frankly, I can't always see what they are doing from the other side of the window pane. 

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Dollyshop Theatre shop open

Hello good looking people!  I have a short announcement for you today.  A couple of weirdos have decided to open up a small shop filled with strangeness and wonder, and would like to invite you over to have a look.

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Fleshie with parasitical twin, ready to paint.

My buddy Kristin and I have decided to marry our fortunes together, her art and my craft, and make a little space for odd goodliness to exist.  We're still in our little feeler stage, but maybe you would like to come along and see how the adventure unfolds. 

tooth fairy photo 4b890f9e-0ce4-4feb-9895-3c45b8ef3fe0.jpg
The Tooth Fairy, who is right now almost 78% likely to appear in public at an art gallery near me soon.

That is all I have to tell you at the moment, thank you for stopping by and have a curious day.

Dollyshop Theatre Etsy
Dollyshop Theatre Facebook



A quick look at the fleshie that has come home from an artist in Edmonton. Girl child has developed a giant storyline behind this frankenkitty and wants to do some photos along with it, but she's in the middle of show week and hasn't time now. I thought I'd introduce him to the world sooner rather than later and she can do her story when she's ready.

I, personally, believe he is Chet the shaved vampire cat from Christoper Moore's novel Bite Me. So many people have recommended Christopher Moore to me and he's proved to be everything as promised.  Honestly, during Bite Me, I laughed so hard I choked.  It was when they were trying to wet vac the vampire rat mist in the loft and then... but, hey, if you haven't read it yet, I won't spoil it for you.  But go read Bite Me

And now Chet.  Chet has already had some interesting experiences, freaking out the poor lady who volunteered to do me a solid and pick up a doll from Edmonton.  Maybe she was thinking Cabbage Patch Doll?  Mwhahahaha.

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Next week girl child should have more time to make some props for her frankencat story, and then he will be back...


bc bound fleshies

Just a couple of fleshie dolls to share with you.  These two I sent off last week to British Columbia to an artist there.  I don't know what will happen to them in her hands, but I am sure they will be spectacularly transformed.

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You've seen the light brown one before but the white one is completely new.  I just roughly attached the limbs so that they can be easily separated for painting and whatnot.

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The hands are wired so they can bend and hold things.  I love the toes on this one, so adorable.

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An in progress picture below.  Sometimes when I am on duty for girl child's performances, in the costume room, and I am not in the midst of a zipper or ripped ruffle emergency, I work on the dolls.  The children who come into the room have taken to come in to see my process.  The other day I was working on a doll similar to this one and I was just at the stage of attaching a breast when one of the girls walked in to see my cute little doll and encountered this instead:

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I did warn them, doll making is a bit creepy.  Now they know they should never sneak up on a doll maker because you can't un-see certain things.

One last picture, same as I posted on my Facebook page last week.  The spooning picture. 

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a short tour of the flowers given to my daughter

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After four shows within twenty four hours, girl child has a break from Tom Sawyer performances.  They even let me out the costume room for the day too.  So we are resting, feeling grateful for just breathing and all the simple goodness around us.  The photos above are of the lovely flowers girl child received from our friends who came to see one of her shows yesterday.