frosty afternoon

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Last night we had one of those winter rains that coats everything in ice.  Today, of course, was brilliantly sunny.  Truly beautiful, watching the ice sparkle in the sun. After I dropped the childs off at their auntie's for a cookie making date, I decided I'd drop by one of my favorite places here in my town and play around with the black and white setting on my camera.

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wanted: warm humans to sleep on

You know what the Internet needs?  More pictures of cats.

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We have two gray tabbies that are getting to be about middle aged.  They are completely indoor cats and they still do not approve of this winter thing.  It is impossible to sit down without having a cat creep onto you to bask in your body heat.  It's all very subtle yet invasive.  I have no idea when they do this, only that I'll be sitting having breakfast and suddenly realize I've been petting a cat sitting on my lap for the past five minutes.

God help you if you lay down.  I don't know what we'd do if they collectively weighed more than ten pounds.

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We get a lot of this.  This pushing of the head under our hands or between us and our books.  Because the cats are not only cold, they are needy.

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This is girl child and I reading in bed.  And this is the inevitable cat.

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Perhaps they like to sit on us to prevent us from sitting on them.  They do blend in somewhat with the furniture.  The dump couch (so named because it was procured at the waste transfer site) is particularly cruel.

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I really love our spoiled cats and they seem to like me in return.  Or, they like my body heat, my ability to scratch behind their ears and pour cat food into their dish.  I don't flatter myself too much.  Sometimes that I take video of them just purring... probably something my children will use to shame me with when they grow up and I fully become the cat lady I am destined to be. 


frightful outside

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I am going to admit right now that I am a total wiener when it comes cold weather.  I just curl up into a wimpy little ball when it comes to snow.  Choosing to homeschool was based on a number of factors, but, between you and I, staying home when the weather is less than awesome is a huge influence.

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That said, I truly believe that children should spend time outdoors everyday, regardless of the weather.  I won't drive them around, but they have tons of yard here with every changing levels of snow to haul around and roll in.  Or whatever they do.  Frankly, I can't always see what they are doing from the other side of the window pane. 

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Dollyshop Theatre shop open

Hello good looking people!  I have a short announcement for you today.  A couple of weirdos have decided to open up a small shop filled with strangeness and wonder, and would like to invite you over to have a look.

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Fleshie with parasitical twin, ready to paint.

My buddy Kristin and I have decided to marry our fortunes together, her art and my craft, and make a little space for odd goodliness to exist.  We're still in our little feeler stage, but maybe you would like to come along and see how the adventure unfolds. 

tooth fairy photo 4b890f9e-0ce4-4feb-9895-3c45b8ef3fe0.jpg
The Tooth Fairy, who is right now almost 78% likely to appear in public at an art gallery near me soon.

That is all I have to tell you at the moment, thank you for stopping by and have a curious day.

Dollyshop Theatre Etsy
Dollyshop Theatre Facebook



A quick look at the fleshie that has come home from an artist in Edmonton. Girl child has developed a giant storyline behind this frankenkitty and wants to do some photos along with it, but she's in the middle of show week and hasn't time now. I thought I'd introduce him to the world sooner rather than later and she can do her story when she's ready.

I, personally, believe he is Chet the shaved vampire cat from Christoper Moore's novel Bite Me. So many people have recommended Christopher Moore to me and he's proved to be everything as promised.  Honestly, during Bite Me, I laughed so hard I choked.  It was when they were trying to wet vac the vampire rat mist in the loft and then... but, hey, if you haven't read it yet, I won't spoil it for you.  But go read Bite Me

And now Chet.  Chet has already had some interesting experiences, freaking out the poor lady who volunteered to do me a solid and pick up a doll from Edmonton.  Maybe she was thinking Cabbage Patch Doll?  Mwhahahaha.

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Next week girl child should have more time to make some props for her frankencat story, and then he will be back...