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I could easily live without my electronics.  Except my camera. 

I have have tens of thousands of digital photos on my computer from the last ten years.  It's hard for me to believe, as I flip through them, I have forgotten most of those moments that I captured.  At the time, it seemed like those mundane things would stay unchanged, those kids would be that age forever, those people would always be with me.

Looking back at the photos is like reviewing my life with fresh eyes.  They grant me access to a view of my life that I could of never conceived without the object lens.  How envious I am of my former self, who had so many great things she took for granted. 

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Oh, I've been busy lately.  Making things, tending to growing children, playing derby, endlessly cleaning stuff and doing laundry.  I can hardly find a moment to just take a few deep breaths, never mind reflect and appreciate this stage in my life.

It's always been like that.  Which is why I'm grateful for being an incorrigible taker of pictures.  They may not always be in focus, but it at least reminds me, later, when I can hardly remember to remember, that I was there, at that place, with those people.  It helps me to remember much more good than bad and see the present with more gratitude. 

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Unbelievably, the other day when The Man picked up the camera, which he rarely does, and took a few snapshots of me wearing hockey skates at the ice rink at the end of the street, I was angry with him.  How dare he take pictures of me when I felt awkward and in pain (despite being a decent roller skater, I can't ice skate to save my life, and those damn hockey boots are agonizing).  I seethed and swore to erase the photos as soon as I got home.  Of course, later on, I was glad he snapped those shots and regretted my anger.  Not only do the pictures wisely remind me not to try that stupid ice skating thing ever again, but the childs were also caught on film with me, being fairly capable and happy faced.  I probably wouldn't of even noticed if I hadn't reviewed the situation from outside of my own faulty emotional systems in those photographs.

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So I take pictures, every day. Even those days when nothing is going right and everyone is grouchy. Especially those days.  Looking back there is so much detail missed, so many great things happening. 


Rumpelstiltskin doll

Just a quick shop update for my Dollyshop Theatre.  I just added this little rascal, Rumpelstiltskin.  I started him over a year ago!  You can check out the listing and you can also like Dollyshop Theatre on Facebook to see what other strange things we come up with.


button down t-shirt reconstruction

Funny enough, I am not a big fan of the t-shirt reconstruction.  At least for me.  For the childs, when girl child was small enough, I loved to make dresses out of our old t-shirts and now I still combine old t-shirts them in all sorts of ways and I've made dozens of pairs of pajama pants from used jersey (here is one pattern).  Oh, and shopping bags (cut off arms, sew closed bottom, viola!)  

For myself, though, as a matronly woman of almost forty (did I mention I'm going to level up an entire decade this year?) and someone who sews professionally, the average tee reconstruction feels... young.  Yes, that's the word.

Go ahead and label me a t-shirt reconstruction snob if you like.

But as old as I am, I do have a few too many t-shirts (because that's all I wear), especially roller derby shirts, and I have decided to make a big pile of them and not stop sewing until I have somehow transformed them into wearable our usable in some way.  As inspiration, I was sifting through our local library's sewing section and I came across a book called Tease: 50 Inspired T-Shirt Transformations and scored this little idea from it that I though maybe I could actually pull off.

 photo a43bf4e9-ae43-49f3-b84b-9008a8e01120.jpg

It is one one fitted t-shirt:

 photo 581896a4-9764-4dbd-beb5-cd4115cdc7fa.jpg

Plus one button down shirt:

 photo 29c9de6b-e254-4e7f-a8e7-959fac1dbdd3.jpg

The collar and front placket were cut off carefully, leaving about an inch of material for sewing onto the t-shirt, then pinned onto the t-shirt in the appropriate place.  (I saved the rest of the button down shirt for other projects - I may just add a crocheted collar cuff to it and call it a sweater shirt.)

The collar and placket were sewn directly on top of the tee - no fancy stuff here.  The raw edge of the placket was cut down close to the seam and allowed to fray.

 photo b2b22b73-dd7d-42a3-b40e-94756f7cdb0d.jpg

 photo 44f459ae-9b94-471d-b3fd-9fb7bc9dcd30.jpg

Apparently I didn't do so well with the matronly-woman look, as girl child immediately asked to have me help her make one of her own.  Yet another derby t-shirt rescued from the bottom of the drawer for improvement.  

 photo 5cdd3f89-5a2a-4d77-ba82-171ed8c56207.jpg

Girl child's placket took a wander off to the side.

 photo 8a5797a3-0098-4680-9739-16bd957ac19f.jpg

Now we're all dress up and ready for... well, I don't know.  Sewing?  I have another half dozen or so shirts that I plan to take down over the next few days.  Wish me luck!


ps, I just found another t-shirt to dress project I did... more derby, of course!  I must have dozens of these little projects all around me.  Just as an update, girl child and I are both still skating derby.  It'll be my fifth season this coming year and girl child is hoping to be bouting by summertime. 


a year and a half

An overly generous selection of random photos I had on the now closing Tumblr over the past year and a half. Wanted to post them here, before they are gone.  For me.