blueberry dip dye jacket

A new jacket for girl child!  The design is a heavily modified version of my Fair Weather Jacket pattern, designed to fit over full skirt party dresses.  From the Fair Weather Jacket, I kept the hood but ditched the belt.  From there I flared the bottom hem and arms.  The whole shebang is made out of a raw linen duvet cover I found in the thrift store some time back with a bedsheet lining.  Ha, I suppose it's a bit like taking your bed with you where you go.

 photo d647d8c2-990e-4175-8eeb-1b0c8991132f.jpg

 photo 002c96b9-917b-4041-a829-f9a11222e2c0.jpg

 photo fd54bfb1-b9e7-4a53-ba27-10ec360589f4.jpg

 photo de9da20b-8719-4a94-a30e-e72fb55bcae1.jpg

The exciting bit for me is the dip dye we made out of blueberries.  I was wondering out loud at my friend about where was the best place to buy dye for this jacket and she said, why don't you just make your own?

Funny how it never occurred to me before.

I used a tutorial from Alina's Adventures and it was super easy, not to mention delicious smelling.

 photo 1e0f31a5-7169-489e-b132-6a9515862e80.jpg

Blue stew!  Instead of mashing the berries I just took a hand mixer to them, which I later regretted since I simply could not strain the blueberry sludge properly and had to use the whole lot, sludge and all.  But it all turned out okay still, like most things do. 

 photo dfa90aea-f423-4dc1-a2c8-2fbc3c37fd79.jpg

That's the jacket in the slow cooker for the fabric fixative.  It seems I have only one large pot in the house, something that has never been a problem up until this particular time.  The slow cooker worked well, even though I couldn't fit the whole jacket in.  Good thing I had already decided on a dip dye.

 photo 6bfd80ab-5401-4474-ac73-3670efb17948.jpg

The jacket hung out in the dye for about, oh, eight hours or so.  I would of left it over night but a weird effect of the fixative on the jacket made it turn a bit brown from the linen colouring and I panicked. 

 photo 3a630d52-3b7f-4911-9210-21512f2af6a3.jpg

The brown stains washed out just fine, however.

You can see on the jacket where the fabric was a bit folded in order to fit in the pot.  It doesn't bother me but if I was going to do this again, I might try to find myself a more suitable container, maybe a wall paper paste holder?

 photo 0d77510d-d013-4a0b-8eae-26fdc720ffe3.jpg

Although the blueberry dye isn't nearly as vibrant as a commercial dye would be, I really like the subtlety and appreciate the lack of chemicals.  Plus also I got to have my house smell like blueberries for a whole day.  Yum!

 photo 3c6fbab9-c915-4488-b37a-832304260851.jpg


upcycled shirt to apron

A new apron for girl child who sorely needed one.  She has been using the one I made for her when she was just three years old for all these years.  Since she'll be ten in just a month and a bit, something that actually covers her clothes seemed long overdue.

 photo 7d1d8128-5ace-4ee6-ad6b-91c951fbe5a4.jpg

This apron was reconstructed from a button down men's shirt I thrifted.  The applique spells out 'courage', something I think we can all use when we bake or craft.

 photo a094aff2-6bae-414f-a8eb-98ca4eb90ceb.jpg

For this one, an extra large pocket was requested for holding... stuff.  What exactly girl child failed to specify, except for a scissor sleeve for hanging onto when she crafts.  The pocket is stitched into two compartments, one about the right shape for a pair of scissors.

You'll have to excuse my atrocious bow tying; one art that has always eluded me.

 photo f4664d8b-c983-4462-b765-1277ccb9cdaa.jpg

For the top pattern I traced out one of girl child's tank top's neckline and arm opening, extending the arm opening down to wrap around the back and attach at the waist.  The bottom of the apron is the bottom portion of the back of the shirt.  I kept the bottom hem and hemmed in where I cut the side seams.  A slight gather brought the whole thing to size.

 photo 85e5cab8-726f-49bc-a7d0-eeb24b06c9a9.jpg

And then there was a mile of ruffle from black broadcloth to make for the bottom edge of the apron.

 photo cb0efc66-c3d2-4e8c-a8b4-fcc1588c7ae2.jpg

And there we have it, girl child ready for any mess she can throw at herself. 

 photo d66c7fd0-5aaa-4be2-8486-0df3b0e95056.jpg


cooperative drawing

 photo 72b08aed-adae-4786-8424-b1dfc55f925c.jpg

Cooperative drawing boy child and I did.  It's in a Reader's Digest Condensed Book that absolutely no one but the dump will take.  Now it's my new art journal 


babydoll fleshie

This past week I decided to try a more traditional doll pattern from a book I found at my local library, Storybook Toys by Jill Hamor.

 photo c35d7b8f-c84a-43a9-a5cd-a6f5ac18edcf.jpg

Don't worry, I won't leave the poor doll nekkid, embellishment is coming.  Although, not necessarily by me.  Details to come sometime soon...

(I love being all mysterious.)

 photo 912dae31-7f12-4cd4-b4ab-4a33df91fdca.jpg

I did very much enjoy this Hamor's pattern and the instructions were clear enough.  I would recommend you to check out Hamor's book, if you are inclined to make dolls.

 photo fb6ffde2-064d-48c4-9416-d74d27aa501c.jpg

In the meanwhile, I have several other mysterious projects to get a move on this week.  See you again soon!


the strange beauty of jumping

Gravity is a quirky master.  Since we have failed to remove the trampoline, I still get to take bazillions of photographs to make what I consider a oddly beautiful yet creepy pictures of suspension, when inertia and gravity play their tricks. 

Here is a few from today, with our young friend over for a visit. 

 photo c17d450c-2d50-4fc6-8363-5f36c47df45c.jpg

 photo cfb368b1-0bd0-4fa2-8a61-4ebceba24f41.jpg

 photo 7b8b54df-13f6-4734-ad56-a338a393e015.jpg

 photo b6ef0932-297d-465c-a66b-1be0b6f07c76.jpg

 photo bd76adda-63aa-4e88-bd19-5b25d331fecd.jpg

 photo aa781243-9b12-49e6-b875-dc70878f9685.jpg

 photo dfd8533f-fd6a-4ea8-af51-a128ff416f7b.jpg

 photo 0011d7e7-2329-4ea8-918b-c4d4bca86476.jpg

 photo d2e38067-2bce-4956-b64d-8f9884a6b869.jpg

 photo 5b96ec55-e58f-4ed1-a160-63e35fb0c855.jpg

 photo 952d6ba4-d592-4245-b799-d25bb59efceb.jpg

 photo 689d4b40-c51e-4887-a565-63ca08d8e1be.jpg

 photo 74ec3235-1edc-4c1d-a0c0-55a671b466bd.jpg

 photo c5f7c978-3203-4395-b7a5-8c6053d24fc8.jpg

 photo 3c9d1955-130b-49ac-af4b-de2b007b4191.jpg